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WE HAD A MOST SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH OF OUR BeTheExample CONTEST at the city of Lafayette
EarthDay Festival on SUN April 23, 2017.

HOORAY! - and thanks to all musicians/artists involved in making it so successful.

With residents joining our Contest, we were able to award the city of Lafayette FIRST PRIZE: a discounted installation of a small wind application with PRIMO WIND - a startup in San Diego.

Our SECOND PRIZE went to the city of Concord:  a discounted installation of an Elkay filtered water fountain - like you can find at SFO.

We have plans for a similar spring/fall contest with similar prizes, throughout Contra Costa county - details SOON!

FOR THOSE OF YOU BEING DIRECTED HERE to see our local 2-county petition going to mayors and city councils to support creating a CCA, who are not already supporting one, please go to 

AND - for those of you want the latest on the climate front, you can subscribe to our emails,
by emailing us your email address, at 

we are addressing 4 key climate issues that we believe will have the most impact, nationwide: 

- pricing carbon

- accelerating Renewables

- mobilizing an environmental Amendment to the US Constitution, and  

- taking on our over-population challenge 

OUR NATIONAL PETITION IS NOW LAUNCHED... GOING TO STATE ELECTED OFFICIALS IN ALL 50 STATES, addressing these four issues.   We welcome your signature after reading it, at this link: 

these following websites are featured in the Petition - with more added details:

on advancing the pricing of carbon at the state level, 
this is what is going on in Massachusetts:

on moving Renewables nationwide, check out the Stanford-based website, showing 50 Blueprints for 50 States going Renewable: 

and on how Community Choice Aggregated Energy  has been and can be implemented in more states, see

no-money-down, solar leasing is possible in over a dozen east & west coast states and more.  See 

on moving an Environmental Amendment to the US Constitution, see what Canada is doing on this c/o the David Suzuki Foundation, which we are replicating. Check out 

we recommend this US amendment to read something like this:  

The Right to a Healthy Environment, to Healthy Organic Food and Drinkable Water, requiring safe communities with transparent and fair elections for governing, nationwide.

While this amendment stretches far on more issues (gun control, campaign reform), it will engage a HUGE number of Americans, building critical mass for such an amendment.

on moving the conversation on our overpopulation issue, we recommend this MN based group, made up of scientists, interfaith leaders and activists, at  

BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED, that support this action:

The Baby Matrix, Carroll (encouraging legislation like we are)

Facing the Population Challenge, Hempel (on why overpopulation talk is no longer taboo)

OVERdevelopment, OVERpopulation, OVERshoot, Butler (published by Population Media Center & Population Institute:  a visual testimony to this problem)

The Zero Footprint Baby, Chatterjee (encourages US adoption, like we do with foster care)

coming soon! - Move Upstream: A Call to Solve Overpopulation, by Karen Shragg.

AND...more details on our local initiative follows, adapted into the Petition, as well - BASED ONLY IN CA CURRENTLY, but we encourage organizers across the US to use it as a blueprint  to adapt it for climate action in their own community....

the BE THE EXAMPLE Contest.



Thank you for your support on this forward-thinking  project...
 by joining this contest!

ALL WEBSITES affiliated with our  Transition Express Campaign FOLLOW...  - our climate heroes -  our BeTheExample Contest -  Green career ideas - Menu of 17 pledges - EE home retrofits details on creating CCAs, or local Renewable Power.
We welcome any donations in support of this effort.
We are now a 501 c(3) non-profit, recognized by the state
of CA, as Transition Express, Inc.
Any donation is tax deductible.



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